Recruitment 2017

Interested in joining AASAP? Come to our info sessions this Spring. We will give details about how Recruitment will work, and timelines for joining our organization. Thanks for your interest! 


Information Sessions: 

November 2nd | 6:30PM | Location: Talley 3285

February 13th | 6:30PM | Location: Witherspoon 201

February 23rd | 6:30PM | Location: Talley 3210

Applications Available: February 1st

 Applications Due: March 3rd

--Notification of Selection for Group Interviews--

Group Interviews

March 21st and 22nd

-- Notification of Selection for Individual Interviews--

Individual Interviews:

March 26th and 27th

-- Final Ambassadors Chosen--


Click Here to Meet Our Ambassadors

For additional information about the program, please visit our About page.

Questions? Contact Taliyah McBride, Director of Membership

Watch this video to see more of what we do!