Name: Rachel Radulovich

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Major: Graphic Design

Committee: Outreach

2nd Year Ambassador

Why did you decide to apply to be an Alumni Ambassador? I wanted to join something where I could have a lasting impact on this incredible university. 

What excites you most about being an Alumni Ambassador? I'm excited about all the new things we have taken over this year, the introduction of the Brick app and the Ring ceremony, along with all the other fun things we always do as AASAP. 

What is your favorite AASAP event? My favorite AASAP event is Homecoming Kick Off, it's a great start to Homecoming week full of food and music and fun.

What is your favorite AASAP memory? My favorite AASAP memory is all of Homecoming week last year. I really enjoyed how everyone comes together as a team to make Homecoming week amazing for everyone.

What is something you are involved in outside of the Alumni Ambassadors? I am a brother of Alpha Phi Omega the Service Fraternity and I love to run.