Ambassador Profile: Rachel

Rachel Kiker.jpg

Name: Rachel Kiker

Hometown: Unionville, NC

Major: Human Biology

Committee: Homecoming - Parade Chair

3rd Year Ambassador

Why did you decide to apply to be an Alumni Ambassador? I decided to be an ambassador because I wanted to be able to leave my mark on NC State by influencing our traditions and starting new ones! 

What excites you most about being an Alumni Ambassador? The ability to change another students experience at NC State. Knowing something we planned could be the event where a student meets their new best friend, completes their last tradition for the brick, or maybe gets their photo with Mr. and Mrs. Wuff.

What is your favorite AASAP event? The Homecoming Parade. I think this event is the perfect tie of alumni and students. Hillsborough street is always filled with families from the community. It shows that NC State isn't just built into the city of Raleigh, it is a part of the community.  

What is your favorite AASAP memory? The spring social where we went to the Durham Bulls game for dollar hot dog night. It was a fun relaxed night where we shared laughs and memories of the year that had past before we said goodbye to our seniors!

What is something you are involved in outside of the Alumni Ambassadors? I am a WakeMed employee!