Lindsay Whitfield

Poole College of Management 



Lindsay Whitfield is a 2005 graduate of NC State with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. She has vast experience in HR, including time spent as a Compensation Analyst and various recruitment and HR General roles at several well-respected organizations in various industries such as utilities, technology, municipalities, and engineering consulting. Her current role is a University Recruiting Outreach Specialist for SAS. Her primary focus is to be the liaison between SAS and universities across the United States, with a goal of attracting top student talent for the company. This involves branding, coordinating events, and presenting about the impact SAS makes around the globe and their world renowned culture. Lindsay's passion is in helping students find their first job and watching their careers grow. Outside of work, Lindsay grew up as a competitive swimmer which has grown her into a lifelong fitness addict. She enjoys reaching her personal fitness goals while building a community of forever friends at her local gym.