Ambassador Profile: Kyle


Name: Kyle Hagan

Hometown: Wallburg, NC

Major: Political Science and Computer Science

Committee: Traditions - Mathews Medal Chair

2nd Year Ambassador

 Why did you decide to apply to be an Alumni Ambassador? I applied to be a member of the Alumni Ambassador program so I can make an impact here at State. By being an ambassador here at State, I will be able to get involved as much as possible within all the NC State traditions. On top of that, I am able to work with other ambassadors, which makes this place feel like home and a huge family to be part of! 

What excites you most about being an Alumni Ambassador? Being able to have the opportunity to plan and organize huge events such as pep rallies and Homecoming for students and alumni. 

What event are you looking forward to most as an Alumni Ambassador? The event that I am looking forward to the most is Homecoming since I have heard about the many great events that go on throughout the week. 

What is something you are involved in outside of the Alumni Ambassadors? American Cochlear Implant Alliance, Esports, Allies for Students with Disabilities, Society for Undergraduate Mathematics