Ambassador Profile: Jaylyn

Jaylyn Miller .jpg

Name: Jaylyn Miller

Hometown: Asheville, NC

Major: Zoology

Committee: Student Alumni Association

3rd Year Ambassador

Why did you decide to apply to be an Alumni Ambassador? I decided to apply to AASAP because I wanted to continue to make a diverse yet impactful difference here, as well as help foster the long standing traditions of North Carolina State University.

What excites you the most about being an Alumni Ambassador? What excites me the most about being a part of such an illustrious program is the fact that I get the opportunity to connect with so many people and establish long lasting relationships. 

What is your favorite AASAP event? My favorite AASAP event is Homecoming as the fulfillment I experience after long weeks of work is one of the best feelings I've had while being a part of an organization.  

What is your favorite AASAP memory? My favorite AASAP memory is last years end of fall dinner because who doesn't love food, friends and the Christmas spirit?

What is something you are involved in outside of the Alumni Ambassadors? I am involved in a plethora of intramural sports as well as a current Strength & Conditioning assistant at Carmichael Complex. I also participate in Club Rugby.