Ambassador Profile: elizabeth

Liz Aimone.jpg

Name: Elizabeth Aimone

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Major: Applied Nutrition

Committee: Student Alumni Association

2nd Year Ambassador

Why did you decide to apply to be an Alumni Ambassador? I decided to apply to be an Alumni Ambassador because I wanted to make sure every student's experience at NC State is memorable and full of school spirit.

What excites you most about being an Alumni Ambassador? I love having an impact on current students' love and passion for NC State.

What is your favorite AASAP event? My favorite AASAP event is Homecoming Kick-off because it makes me excited for the eventful week ahead!  

What is your favorite AASAP memory? My favorite AASAP memory is the first Ring Ceremony in Reynolds Coliseum.

What is something you are involved in outside of the Alumni Ambassadors? I am a Wellness Coach at UREC, where I coach clients one-on-one to reach their fitness and wellness goals.