Dan Crawford

College of humanities and social sciences


Born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, Dan Crawford was the first person in his family to go college.  He started at Mars Hill University before finishing at N.C. State (GO PACK). In 1992 he heard all three presidential candidates speak which led him to choose sides and he went with the guy from Arkansas that sounded like him and wanted to help people like him. 

He started his career working for State Senator Steve Metcalf from Asheville, where he worked on the N.C. Clean Smokestacks Act that gave North Carolina some of the most stringent clean air laws in the country at the time.

His next adventure was the campaign of Congressman Brad Miller where he raised over $1 million for the newly created 13th Congressional District. In subsequent campaigns he served as field director and campaign coordinator and spent time in the congressional office. 

In 2008 NCLCV hired a meat eating, SUV driving political hack to do their lobbying and political work.  He has helped expand their budget by 900% and made them the preeminent environmental player in North Carolina politics.  He sits on the Executive Committee of the America Votes table. 

In his free time, he is Mr. Sarah Crawford(class of 2000), has the two most incredible little girls, and four border collies.  His goal is to win the lottery so he can spend all of his time with those little girls, teaching them how to run his newly formed SuperPAC to fight evil in the world.